Bryston 7B-SST Monoblock Power Amplifier






MSRP: $9000
SoCal HiFi Price: $4900 o.b.o.

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For sale: 1 pair of Bryston 7BSST monoblock amplifiers in black with front handles. Conservatively rated 9/10, these things are in excellent condition! Consectutive serial numbers, 12 years left on warranty. Includes double box, packaging, manuals, measurement papers and power cords. Buyer to pay shipping, insurance and PayPal fees.

600 watts @ 8 ohms
900 watts @ 4 ohms

The 7B SST single-channel amplifier employs a balanced-output design that reduces THD and IMD to unprecedented low values (typically 0.001% or less) . With a low noise floor (typically below -118dB) and excellent signal tracking characteristics (slew rate of 120 Volts per microsecond), the 7B SST monoblock assures a new degree of transparency, musicality, and ease of listening. Capable of delivering 900 Watts continuously into 4 Ohms, and with tremendous power reserves, the 7B SST offers virtually perfect freedom from overload on any type of speaker or music.

Front panel membrane power switch
Toggle power switch on rear panel
No fuses; protected by resettable circuit breaker
Soft-start circuit on power up
Modular construction
Quad-complimentary output stage
Multiple filter capacitance per channel
Independent power supply for each channel
Robust pro audio construction
Audiophile sound quality
Selectable external power-up
Quick-connect remote 12V power trigger input
Delayed output on trigger
Selectable gain settings for each channel
Balanced and single-ended inputs
XLR or 1/4 phone jack for balanced input
RCA jack for single-ended inputs
Channel status LED indicators
Option of 17 shelf mount or 19 rack mount
Rack mount version include handles
Option of silver or black faceplate
UL, CE, and CSA approved
Available for 100V, 120V, or 240V power
20-Year Unlimited Warrant


Power output
900 Watts into 4 Ohms
600 Watts into 8 Ohms

< 0.007% from 20Hz to 20kHz at rated output into 4 Ohms

IM or THD+noise
< 0.005% from 20Hz to 20kHz at rated output into 8 Ohms

Gain & Sensitivity
1 Volt setting 29dB; 2.3V
2 Volt setting 23dB; 4.6V

Noise (Measured with input shorted; 20Hz. to 20kHz.)
>110dB below rated output @ 29dB gain (-75dBu)
>113dB below rated output @ 23dB gain (-78dBu)

Slew rate
Greater than 120 volts per microsecond

Power bandwidth
From less than 1 Hz to over 100 kHz

Damping factor
Over 300 at 20 Hz, ref. 8 Ohms

Input Impedance
50kOhms single-ended, 20kOhms balance

Shipping weight:
60 lbs. each