Mark Levinson 532h

Mark Levinson No 532H Amplifier - $6500
The No532H is a true mono-block design with independent power supplies for each channel and is rated at 300W per channel into 8 ohms. The transformers and power supply designs deliver unsurpassed dynamics and transient responses for today’s demanding audio formats and provide stability with even the most difficult to drive loudspeakers. Fully differential circuitry ensures that balanced input signals stay that way throughout the signal path.

MSRP: $9,000

McIntosh MC-352

McIntosh MC-352 Power Amplifier - $3500
The MC352 is fully balanced from input to speaker output. Matched amplifiers operate in complimentary push-pull with their outputs combined in the McIntosh autoformer. The resulting double-balanced configuration cancels virtually all distortion.

2x350wpc @ 8/4/2 ohms

McIntosh MC-275

McIntosh MC-275 Mark V Power Amplifier - $3500
An object of desire cherished by music lovers around the world, the MC275 was designed and engineered in 1961 by McIntosh co-founder Sidney Corderman and the McIntosh Engineering Team. Based upon the extraordinary Unity Coupled Circuit, the MC275 vacuum tube amplifier has lush sound that presents a powerful and detailed soundstage. Combining a polished Stainless Steel chassis with the latest vacuum tube circuit layout advancements move MC275 solidly into the 21st century. This vacuum tube amplifier gives new dimension to sound quality.

Stereophile Class A rated April 2010!

Krell S-1000

Krell S-1000 - $3000
The S–1000 delivers a seamless home theater experience, integrating fully with the latest video displays and audio/video source components. HDMITM video switching rounds out a full complement of advanced Krell technologies including discrete Class A, direct-coupled circuitry with balanced outputs.

Rega Osiris Isis

Rega Osiris Integrated & Isis CD Player - $Contact
Isis: A magnificently musical CD player at a realistic price, with the addition of a USB input that many will find useful.

Osiris: Beautifully built and finished, this very solid all-round performer has massive power reserves, splendid stereo imaging and a smooth, well controlled sound.

Diatone DS-505

Diatone DS-505 Loudspeakers - $10,000
Legendary Diatone DS-505 full-range 4-way monitors developed by Mitsubishi in 1984 with aramid honeycomb woofer/mid-range, and boron tweeter/mid-high domes.

Wilson Audio Duette

Wilson Audio Duette Loudspeakers - $9000
Duette is the latest Special Applications product from Wilson Audio. It was designed to offer the timbral neutrality, dynamic response, soundstage depth and transparency of floor-standing Wilson Loudspeakers, but to do so in environments (such as against walls or in bookshelves) which are instrinsically hostile to all of those qualities. Then, it was given a dual personality so that it could succeed as a floor-standing loudspeaker as well.

MSRP: $17,000/pair


Dali Helicon 400 mk2 Speakers - $Contact
HELICON 400 MK2 throws down the gauntlet, challenging loudspeakers well beyond its price class to step up to the outstanding level of performance and styling on offer here.

HELICON 400 MK2 is a highly refined fusion of exquisite exterior design and innovative proprietary driver and cabinet technologies. And, above all, it is a musical instrument of extraordinary grace and power.

The exceptional beauty and sculptural elegance of this floorstanding work of art is worthy of a place in the finest interiors, where it will bring your most treasured movies and music to life as you have never heard them before.

Where space is at a premium, HELICON 400 MK2 is the ideal choice for music and movies in small to medium sized rooms.

MSRP: $6,300/pair

KEF Reference 3.2

KEF Reference 3.2 Loudspeakers - $2000
Five drive units in a four-way configuration are employed in the Model Three. The single Uni-Q driver for upper mid-range and high frequencies, a 160mm driver unit for lower mid-range, plus two internally mounted 200mm drive units for low frequencies.

MSRP: $4,500/pair

B&W CM Series

B&W CM Series Surround Speakers - $2000
A company with B&W's resources, experience, and technical know-how can pretty much build what it wants. What B&W chose to do in the CM Series is blend good looks, high build quality, and typically rich "British sound" into an affordable package—something easier said than done.

MSRP: $3050

Velodyne DD-15

Velodyne DD-15 Subwoofer - $2000
Digital Drive DSP-based subwoofers are the finest subwoofers ever made by Velodyne. And that's saying a lot. They embody all of Velodyne's industry-leading knowledge and experience in low frequency technology. Velodyne pioneered the use of Digital Signal Processing (DSP) for subwoofers. This technology provides incredibly accurate, reliable, and feature-laden performance.

MSRP: $4000

Interconnects and Wiring
Cobalt Cables

Cobalt Speaker Cables - $300
1 pair of 20' custom Cobalt speaker cables with banana plug terminators, traded in with some McIntosh high-end gear. Cables are as thick as your thumb!

Zu Audio Julian

Zu Audio Julian - $200
1 pair of 12' Zu Audio Julian speaker wire with spade terminators on each end.

Audioquest Type-4 Double Bi-Wire

Audioquest Type-4 Double Bi-Wire Speaker Wire - $300
1 pair of 8' double bi-wire Audioquest Type-4 speaker wire with banana plug terminators

At first glance, Type 4 looks like a normal round cable, but inside is a fully optimized and very sophisticated balance of quality ingredients and refined design.

Nordost Blue Heaven

Nordost Blue Heaven Flatline RCA - $150
1 pair of 1.5 meter Nordost Blue Heaven flatline RCA interconnects.

XLR Cables

XLR Cables - $100
1 pair of 3' XLR cables, Neutrik connectors, traded in with some McIntosh high-end gear. Unknown brand, but sound amazing!

Power Products
PS Audio Power Plant Premier

PS Audio Power Plant Premier - $1200
Generates new AC power for the entire system. It is like having a power generating station right in your own home. Quiet, clean and powerful, the winner of the TAS product of the year, the Premier is one of our most effective means of improving your system performance and providing you with a crisp, clear A/V experience. It does this not by "conditioning" but by rebuilding the old AC power into new, pure, regulated AC. The Premier doesn't care what the quality of your incoming AC is; what comes out is perfect. Ten outlets, THD analyzer, voltage meter, MultiWave, CleanWave and a remote control.

Parasound SCAMP

Parasound SCAMP - $100
The Parasound SCAMP is designed to automatically power on virtually all the electronic equipment within your audio/video system. This makes it possible for single button operation to supply AC power to your entire system. SCAMP is extremely flexible and can be configured in a variety of ways.

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