Velodyne Digital Drive DD-15 Subwoofer


MSRP: $4000
SoCal HiFi Price: $2000

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For Sale: Velodyne DD-15 subwoofer in mint condition with original box and all accessories.

Velodyne's THX Ultra2 Certified D-15 powered subwoofer has a built-in 'Class D' amplifier that provides a staggering 1,250 watts RMS and 3,000 watts peak power. The 15" forward firing Kevlar-reinforced resin driver has a 12.7" piston diameter, 3" push-pull tandem voice coil, and 24 lb. magnet structure. The DD-15 includes Velodyne's revolutionary Digital Drive room management software that works with the included microphone to optimize performance for any room position. Inputs include RCA and XLR LFE, line-level RCA, and speaker level binding posts. A full-featured wireless remote comes standard.

Digital Drive DSP-based subwoofers are the finest subwoofers ever made by Velodyne. And that's saying a lot. They embody all of Velodyne's industry-leading knowledge and experience in low frequency technology. Velodyne pioneered the use of Digital Signal Processing (DSP) for subwoofers. This technology provides incredibly accurate, reliable, and feature-laden performance.

The software that runs Digital Drive subwoofers was 100 percent custom written by Velodyne engineers for the best possible sound quality. Digital Drive-Series subs feature Velodyne's revolutionary Digital Drive room management software that takes subwoofer room equalization to an unprecedented level. The built-in Real Time Analyzer (RTA) allows the subwoofer's frequency response to be measured using a calibrated microphone and viewed graphically on any standard TV. The onboard digital toolset, which includes a graphic equalizer, is used to optimize performance for any room position and to perfectly blend the subwoofer with the main speakers.

All Digital Drive-Series subs come preprogrammed with six listening mode presets for Action Adventure Movies, Rock/Pop, Jazz/Classical, a custom preset, and EQ defeat. Each preset also has a "theater/music" setting that allows the sub to play louder (for movies) or tighter (for music) depending on the source content.

Package Contents
Digital Drive Subwoofer
Power Cord
Remote Control
Digital Drive Accessory Kit, consisting of:
- Calibrated precision microphone
- Microphone windscreen cover
- Tabletop microphone stand
- Microphone stand adapter
- 25-foot video cable
- 25-foot audio cable
- 20-foot XLR microphone cable

Product Features and Controls
15 (12.7 piston diameter) cone with 380 oz. magnet
Built-in 1250 watt (RMS), 3,000 watt peak power high-efficiency Class-D amplifier
Tandem 3 voice coil
Multi-layer resin laminate cone
High-excursion rubber surround
Gain compression, anti-clipping circuit to prevent over excursion and amp clipping
Fixed 80Hz high-pass crossover (RCA output)
Balanced (XLR) input
Line-level (RCA) inputs and thruputs
Speaker-level inputs
Variable volume control
Frequency response of 20Hz - 120Hz +/-3dB
Detachable 6-foot AC power cord
Four rubber 1/4 --20 threaded support feet (aluminum with rubber inserts on 15 and 18 models)
On-screen controls:
- Auto-EQ/Self-EQ
- Graphic or Parametric Equalizer controls for room EQ
- Adjustable (15Hz - 199Hz) low-pass crossover (defeatable)
- Multiple staggered low pass crossovers (6dB/octave, initial to 36dB/octave, ultimate)
- Adjustable (15Hz - 35Hz) subsonic filter (defeatable)
- Multiple staggered subsonic filters (12dB/octave, initial to 24dB/octave, ultimate)
- Variable volume control
- Adjustable phase control (0 - 180 in 15 increments)
- Selectable polarity (+/-)
- Theater/Music selection indicator (servo gain control)
- Signal sensing auto turn on/off/12 Volt trigger (defeatable)
- 6 presets for customized listening modes and EQ defeat
- Selectable default preset
- Switchable Velodyne logo indicator
- Night Mode maximum volume setting
- Save settings indicator
- Daisy chain feature