Parasound SCAMP
Signal Controlled Amplifier Power



MSRP: $149
Price: $100

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Conservatively rated 9/10, unit is in great condition.

The Parasound SCAMP is designed to automatically power on virtually all the electronic equipment within your audio/video system. This makes it possible for single button operation to supply AC power to your entire system. SCAMP is extremely flexible and can be configured in a variety of ways.


Two AC outlets can be activated with audio signal or DC voltage
Two internal 15 ampere relays
Eight minute turn-off delay
Programmable sequential turn-on delay
May be daisy-chained for multiple outlets in sequence
Sophisticated protection circuitry safeguards your audio equipment from power surges on the AC line
9 1/2" width front panel
1 rack space height front panel
Two unit fastening hardware available for side-by-side rack mounting


Current Capability:
   30 amperes; 15 amperes per outlet
DC Input Trigger:
   + 5 Vdc to +12 Vdc, 100 mA
DC Output Trigger:
   +12 Vdc, 400 mA maximum available
Signal Insertion Loss:
   0 dB
Circuit Power Requirement:
   120 V/60 Hz, 1 A
   w 9 1/2" x h 1 3/4" x d 7", h 2 3/8" with feet
Net Weight:
   4 lb.