Monster M-1.4s Bi-Wire Speaker Cable





MSRP: $225
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1 pair of 3M (9') Monster M-1.4s Bi-Wire Speaker Cables with banana plug terminators.

OD Size for M1.4s = 14.8mm
Variance: +/- .2mm variance

The M Series® vs. Performance Leader.
Audiophiles know speaker cables can profoundly impact overall audio system performance. But some so-called "audiophile" cables boasting superior manufacturing don't measure up when tested with the most sophisticated computer: the human brain. M1.4s Biwire combines advanced technologies, proven through many hours of intense listening, with cost effectiveness to deliver full sonic impact at an attractive price.

Four-Conductor Design Improves Signal Transfer.
M1.4s Biwire features four identical conductors, ideal for biwiring. The four conductors result in more detailed musical presentation and improved signal transmission for loudspeakers using separated high and low frequency inputs.

Patented Magnetic Flux Tube™ and precision Time Correct™ Windings Preserve Audio Accuracy.
Each M1.4s Biwire conductor utilizes 6 large bass conductors and multiple high frequency wire networks wound around Monster's patented Magnetic Flux Tube – specially designed to control distortion-producing magnetic fields for better clarity and soundstage. Time Correct windings ensure that low, mid and high frequency signals arrive at the same time for improved imaging and more natural music reproduction.

MultiTwist® Construction and PEX™ Dielectric Bring Out All the Details in Recordings.
M1.4s Biwire incorporates Monster's famous MultiTwist construction, an ultra-light winding of conductors resulting in enhanced sonic performance and superior noise rejection throughout the audio bandwidth. Combined with our new PEX dielectric for improved signal transfer, M1.4s Biwire offers lower dynamic noise and greater musical realism.

Enjoy A Higher Level of Music Reproduction.
M1.4s Biwire offers exceptional performance value – recapturing the full dynamic range of today's music while maximizing the sonic reproduction capabilities of your speakers. Its clarity and delicate musical balance make it the finest cable available in its price range.