McIntosh MC-202 Power Amplifier






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Conservatively rated 9/10, this thing is in excellent condition! Balanced XLR and unbalanced inputs, +12V trigger, Illuminated Power Meters, and all bulbs have just been replaced this week. Includes double box, packaging and power cord. Buyer to pay shipping, insurance and PayPal fees.

Now you can take advantage of traditional McIntosh standards of excellence in the MC-202 power amplifier. Two 200 watt high current output channels will drive any high quality loudspeaker system to its ultimate performance. The MC-202 reproduction is sonically transparent and absolutely accurate. The McIntosh Sound is "The Sound of Music Itself."

Performance Features
Power Output
The MC-202 consists of two separate power amplifier channels, each capable of 200 watts into 2, 4, or 8 ohms speakers with less than 0.005% distortion.

High Current Output
A peak output current of 50 amperes per channel ensures that the MC-202 will successfully drive high quality loudspeakers such as McIntosh for a truly exciting sound experience.

Power Guard
Both channels include the patented McIntosh Power Guard circuit that prevents the amplifier from being overdriven into clipping, with its harsh distorted sound that can damage your valuable loudspeakers.

Sentry Monitor and Thermal Protection
McIntosh Sentry Monitor power output stage protection circuits ensure the MC-202 will have a long and trouble free operating life. Built in Thermal Protection Circuits guard against overheating.

Patented Autoformers
McIntosh designed and manufactured Output Autoformers provide and ideal match between the amplifier output stages and speaker loads of 2, 4 and 8 ohms. The Autoformers also provide perfect DC protection for your valuable loudspeakers.

Illuminated Power Meters
The Illuminated Power Output Meters on the MC-202 are peak responding, and indicate the power output of the amplifier. The Peak Watt Hold Mode allows the meters to temporarily stay at the highest power output and then slowly decay.

Shipping weight: 105 lbs.