Sophia Electric Baby Amplifier





MSRP: $1000
SoCal HiFi Price: $500 o.b.o.

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For sale: A beautiful Sophia Electric Baby tube amplifier.

2 x 10 watts @ 8 ohms

1.Wide frequency range from 6 Hz to 80,000 Hz +/-3dB.

2. Impressive -95dB Signal/Noise (S/N) ratio. Which made it possible to drive 112 dB horn speakers without noise. This would translate into dead quiet performance on any speakers you use.

3. Big sound was achieved when there is high definition of music information.

4. Realistic, live performance like, male and female voice. Great for jazz, rack, vocal, and opera.

5. Wide dynamic range makes it also suitable for wide range of music.

6. Have more power and drive capability than a typical 300B single ended amp (8 watts) or a 40-50 watts solid-state amp. Should work with speakers above 89 dB efficiency and 8 ohm impedence.