Zu Audio Tone Loudspeakers



MSRP: $1800
SoCal HiFi Price: $1000 o.b.o.

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For sale: A beautiful pair of Zu Audio Tone loudspeakers.

The Tone is a dynamic, full range, crossover-less design in a sealed enclosure. It utilizes Zu's proprietary 10.3-inch full-range driver and tweeter, with a high-pass filter at 12kHz to achieve a bandwidth of 50-60Hz (it varies depending upon the room) to 25kHz. At 12 ohms nominal impedance (dropping to a minimum of 8.5 at 20Hz), the Tone is a highly efficient 101dB@1 watt/1 meter, which should allow them to mate very well with low-powered amplifiers. The enclosure is 9.5 inches deep, 11 inches wide, and 16 inches tall, and weighs 30 pounds. The black DuPont Chroma System finish has a beautiful, minimalist look and a durable feel. Protruding from the lower portion of the front is a polished aluminum casing containing the Zu-designed tweeter. The full-range driver sits behind the black fabric grille cloth. This grille is not removable, and was designed to add additional stiffness to the speaker enclosure. The back of the speaker has a metal plate with Cardas binding posts. To finish the look, the stylish Zu Tone logo is embossed into the back of the enclosure. The speaker is only slightly larger than the drivers which call it home, but when you pick it up, you can feel its brick-like solidity. The Tones look a bit Clark Kent-ish to meŚwell dressed and unassuming, yet solid as a rock and ready to roll.